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Elna eXcellence 580+
The Creative Machine! The Elna eXcellence 580+ has the power, precision and convenience you need to discover your creative potential. 120 stitches, 8 one-step buttonholes, a built-in needle threader and superior stitch editing are just a few of the cutting-edge features of this powerful machine.

Technical Features
Built-in needle threader | 7-piece feed dog | Drop feed | Automatic thread cutter | Easy reverse button | Automatic declutch bobbin winder | Speed control slider | Start/stop button | Superior Needle Threader with Thread Guide #7 | Memorized needle up/down with down as default setting | Backlit LCD screen

120 built-in stitches | 8 one-step buttonholes | Maximum stitch width: 7mm | Maximum stitch length: 5mm 

Elna eXcellence 780+
Where passion meets perfection! Created with special, easy and time-saving features, the eXcellence 780+ is unlocking limitless possibilities for quilters to escape into a world of pure creativity. Quilters have a full 11 inches of bed space to the right of the needle to store extra fabric from a quilt. In addition, quilters can enjoy exceptionally smooth quilt piecing with Elna’s Integrated Adjustable Feeding (I.A.F); achieve faster performance with a sewing speed of 1,060 SPM and view their work, shadow-free, with the machine’s retractable High Light™. Navigation through all of these features has become easier with the EL780+’s new LCD touchscreen.

Automatic presser foot lift | Top loading full rotary hook bobbin | 350 built-in stitches | 4 alphabets | 11 one-step buttonholes | Rulerwork Mode | Auto tension system | Superior needle threader | Snap-on presser feet | Memorized needle up/down | One-step needle plate conversion with 3 included plates | Integrated Adjustable Feeding | USB port and direct PC connection | Stitch Composer stitch creation software | Variable zig zag for thread painting | Stitch Tapering Function | Start/stop button | Superior Needle Threader with Thread Guide #7 | Free arm | Drop feed | Speed control slider | Locking stitch button | Automatic thread cutter | Twin needle guard | Easy reverse button | Straight stitch needle plate with left needle position for 1/4 inch seam foot | Professional HP needle plate and foot | Advanced plate markings | Easy set bobbin | Easy bobbin winder | Adjustable knee lift | Auto declutch bobbin winder | Independent bobbin winding motor | Extra high presser foot lift | Full color LCD touchscreen | Sewing applications on-screen support | Maximum stitch width: 9mm | Maximum stitch length: 5mm | Maximum sewing speed: 1,060 SPM | Full intensity lighting system with 9 bright white LED lamps in 4 locations | 11 inches to the right of the needle | Buttonhole foot with stabilizer plate for thick fabric | Retractable high light | Improved ergonomic shape

eXplore 240
Timeless Talent. The eXplore 240 mechanical sewing machine is the key to genuine enjoyment. With its full range of stitches and features, this easy to operate, affordable, high-quality sewing machine is perfect for anyone learning to sew as well as for experienced sewers who want to add a basic, quality sewing machine to their sewing room.

Technical Features
Adjustable stitch length 0-4 mm  |  Adjustable stitch width 0-5 mm  |  Variable needle positions-left to center needle position  |  Stitches conveniently displayed on the front of machine at eye level  |  Circular sewing  |  Twin needle sewing  |  Strong needle penetration on all fabrics  |  Easy declutch for bobbin winding  |  Drop feed dog  |  Clip-on presser feet  |  Stitch selection dial  |  Retractable spool pins  |  Adjustable foot pressure  |  Extra presser foot lift  |  Front loading oscillating hook system  |  2 vertical spool pins  |  Built-in thread cutter  |  Sewing light  |  Large sewing surface with pivot pin points  |  Free arm  |  Metric and inch measurements  |  Electronic foot control  |  Speed up to 800 spm |  Carrying handle  |  Built-in storage accomodates presser feet, bobbins, needles, screwdriver, seam ripper, spool pin felt  |  Built-in needle threader

24 stitches including: Straight, Zigzag, Three-step zigzag, Stretch blind hem, Woven blind hem, Shell tuck, Box, Picot, 3 Decorative satin stitches, Triple seam, Rickrack, Smocking, Super stretch, Double overlock, Feather, 5 Decorative stretch stitches   |  One-step buttonhole

eXplore 340
Embark On A Voyage To New Creative Destinations! Sail through the most complex sewing challenges! With the eXplore 340, you’ll navigate effortlessly through any project, from minor alterations to major new creations. Feel the bracing thrill of new possibilities, ride the wave of your imagination and above all... enjoy yourself! Thanks to Elna’s easy-change spool system and automatic needle threader, every move is a winner. And you’ll go overboard using the huge range of practical and decorative stitches as you chart a new course in creativity.

Technical Features
Large, easy to view stitch display  |  Built-in needle threader  |  Instant reverse lever  |  Strong needle penetration on all fabrics  |  Easy declutch for bobbin winding  |  Drop-in bobbin  |  Drop feed dog  |  Clip-on presser feet  |  Adjustable foot pressure  |  Extra presser foot lift  |  1 Horizontal spool pin  |  1 Vertical spool pin (detachable) for bobbin winding  |  Built-in thread cutter  |  Sewing light  |  Free arm  |  Metric & inch quick measurements on machine base  |  Metric & inch measurements on needle plate  |  Square corner guide on needle plate  |  Carrying handle

Sewing Features
Number of stitches 25 including buttonhole  |  One-step buttonhole  |  Maximum stitch width 5 mm  |  Maximum stitch length 4 mm  |  Adjustable stitch width  |  Needle positions variable between left and center

Storage Accessories
Large accessory storage compartment accommodates presser feet, bobbins, needles, screwdriver, seamripper

Elna eXperience 520S
Made By You!  The new eXperience 520S brings a fresh and inspirational addition into your sewing world. It can handle any fabric - no matter how tough. So start right here, right now, and create your own personalized wardrobe with the stitches and techniques that you love. Customize it, recycle it, transform it any way you want; your Elna adapts to every mood and every style.

Technical Features
Adjustable foot pressure  |  Built-in needle threader  |  Adjustable speed control  |  Manual thread tension control  |  Strong needle penetration on all fabrics  |  Extra-high presser foot lift  |  Snap-on presser feet  |  Rotary horizontal hook with transparent bobbin cover  |  Auto declutch bobbin winder  |  Built-in thread cutter  |  Metric and inch seam allowance lines  |  Free arm  |  Feed dog system  |  Electronic foot control  |  Retractable carry handle

Keys and Screens
Programmable needle up / down key  |  Auto lock stitch key - end of pattern / lock stitch  |  Reverse key  |  4 direct selection keys  |  LCD screen - displays stitch number, width or length

Sewing Features
30 built-in stitches including buttonholes, quilting, patchwork and fancy stitches  |  6 one-step buttonholes: classic, jeans, etc.  |  Automatic selection of optimal stitch length and width  |  Adjustable stitch width up to 7mm  |  Adjustable stitch length up to 5mm

eXtend 864air
Overlocking has never been so easy! The new air threading system makes it effortless to thread your machine. A time-saving feature for tangle-free sewing.

Technical Features
Air threading system | Built-in needle threader | Adjustable differential feed | Adjustable foot pressure dial: 5-level | 8-Piece feed dog system | Built-in 2-thread converter | 1,300 Stitches per minute | 3 Location safety feature | 1 or 2 Needle sewing | Snap-on presser feet

Number of threads: 2/3/4 Overlocking | Adjustable stitch length: 1-5mm |  Differential feed ratio: 0.5 to 2  |  Adjustable cutting width: Left needle 5.5mm to 7.5mm, Right needle only: 3.3mm to 5.3mm |  Maximum speed 1,300 spm

3210 Jeans
The denim generation. Denim is a girl’s best friend. A faithful companion for every age and every situation. With the Elna 3210, take denim and shape it into something really special. The Elna 3210, like denim itself, is tough, reliable and easy to use, and built to work with even the heaviest materials. Because people love to marry denim and frills, the Elna 3210 is also kind with delicate fabrics too. Whether its total denim or tiny denim details, the Elna 3210 is perfect for any project.

Technical Features
Stitch selection display  |  Reverse lever  |  Built-in needle threader  |  Strong needle penetration on all fabrics    |  Rotary horizongtal hook with transparent bobbin cover  |  Automatic declutch bobbin winder  |  Built-in thread cutter  |  Drop feed dog    |  Adjustable foot pressure  |  Extra presser foot lift  |  Clip-on presser feet  |  Metric/inch measurements on needle plate and bobbin cover plate  |  Free arm  |  Carrying handle  |  Jeans bag/dust cover

Sewing Features
19  Stitches  |  Maximum stitch width 6.5 mm  |  Maximum stitch length 4 mm  |  Needle positions variable

Storage and Accessories
2 accessory storage areas including standard metal foot A, blind hem guide G, hemmer foot D, overlock foot C, satin stitch foot F, automatic buttonhole foot R, zipper foot E, buttonhole foot B, bobbins, needles, quilt guide L, additional spool pin, spool pin felt, large and small spool holders, lint brush, screwdriver, seam ripper.