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So you've decided to bring that lovely quilt top in to be quilted.  What's next?  Read on to find out the best ways to prep your quilt top and backing, and what to expect when you get to the shop.  If you're mailing it in, read on, but keep in mind the experience will be a little different.  We'll go into that at the end of the article.

1.  Make sure your backing is at least 6 inches both longer and wider.  This is an absolute must.  This fabric is used in loading the backing to the leaders on the longarm quilting machine.  We surely don't want to run out of backing before we run out of quilt top!

2.  Let's say you chose to use a 42" wide fabric and have to piece it.  Which direction should the seam run?  Does it really matter?  The answer is, it matters quite a bit, and the larger the quilt the more it matters.  If you need to piece the backing, when ever possible, make the seam horizontal, going cross-ways.  This distributes the bulk of the seam equally across the width of the quilt.  While we can definitely work with a vertical seam, you may see some fullness on the bottom border especially.  This is because as we roll the quilt onto the bars during the quilting process, that center seam gets more and more bulkier as it rolls up on itself.  That's why a larger quilt will see more issues; there are simply more layers of seams stacking up.  If you have questions or concerns about your backing, we will be happy to walk you through it.

3. Please make sure both your top and backing are clean and pressed.  Seems obvious but you'd be surprised.  :)

4.  If you smoke, please air out your fabrics before bringing them or mailing them.

5.  DO NOT pin or baste the layers together.  We will just have to remove them all before loading them to the machine. 

6.  If you are coming into the shop with your quilt, please allow 20-30 minutes for your consultation and registration.  We will measure your quilt, get your information, then show you designs and threads to choose from. 

7.You may provide your batting if you wish.  However, we carry a large variety of Hobbs batting that will suite most everyone's needs.  That way you know your batting will fit perfectly with minimal waste.

8.  Most importantly enjoy the process!  YOU are the creative genius of your quilt, and we are just here to help you along the process.  Enjoy!